Chairman: Mr Richard Lyons



  1. The political situation in the country remains unaltered.  Botswana is a multiparty non racial, country. Politically the country is   sound and stable.

  2. The judiciary is totally independent and will pass decisions which may or may not be in favour of the government. There have been a number of articles appearing in South African newspapers which would disagree. In particular there is the case of     “Professor Good” that is being used to support the argument that Botswana is an autocracy. These arguments are based on passion and have no rational basis. Government has never acted maliciously or wilfully and its critics have a fundamental misunderstanding of a separation of powers. So much is Government concerned, that the Chief Justice appointed not one but three judges to determine this case and the judgment of all three judges was unanimous.  Criticisms in the local press are completely based upon a total misconception of the role of a Government. 



  1. Government has again for the second time this year devalued the Pula by 12˝% and it is expected that VAT will increase by 4%. This is not unexpected but it is not a confidence-building measure. The reason for the devaluation is due to the fact that Government has overspent on institutions, which have been wrongly sited and not necessary e.g. large hospitals in remote areas not even filled with competent staff and equipment.

  2. The economy is on a downward spiral. Money is scarce, many shop premises are vacant and many restaurants are not full. Many expatriates are not having their work permits renewed.


  1. Relations with the State of Israel are sound.  Government support is obviously for a peace process. The Arab bloc is not represented in Botswana although there is a Libyan Embassy.



  1. The local Jewish population is almost entirely based in Gaborone. There are reports of the odd Jewish person living in remote areas e.g. Kanye, but these make no attempt to associate with the local community or to identify themselves.

  2. There are approximately 21-22 men who come for a minyan and so this often occurs on a Friday evening. There are however some people who do not bother to acknowledge or to come on a Friday evening and they believe they do not have to associate with the community.


 Antisemitism is fortunately largely unknown and there is no antisemitic bias in Government. There is a growing element of xenophobia especially amongst the younger generation.