YOM KIPPUR 2008 / 5769


Island Hebrew Congregation
AMI Centre
Seeneevassen Street
Forest Side, Mauritius
(230) 670-6916
e-mail: islandhebrewcong@servihoo.com


Dear Members and Friends,

Yom Kippur this year falls out on Thursday 9th October beginning at sunset on the day before, October 08th.

We are pleased to inform you that once again The Island Hebrew Congregation with Rabbi Moshe Silberhaft from South Africa, in attendance, will be holding full Yom Kippur services at The Sugar Beach Hotel, Wolmar, Flic en Flaq beginning at sunset on Wednesday, 08th October and continuing throughout the day on Thursday, 09th October. This will be followed by a light communal breaking of the fast at the hotel.

This service is available to all members and guests of the Jewish Community. As it is imperative to secure a minyan thought-out all the services, please indicate which services you will be attending, if not all. To facilitate catering arrangements, please also indicate if you will be staying for the communal breaking of the fast.

If you are not already a member of the IHC, you are encouraged to join our community. Please contact Karuna at islandhebrewcong@servihoo.com for further information.

As we are a small Jewish community, donations from members and guests will be greatly appreciated to help cover the costs of drinks and food for the communal breaking of the fast. .

Kindly confirm your attendance by telephoning Karuna on 670-6916.


Linda Mamet
Island Hebrew Congregation