P.O. Box 563
, WINDHOEK, Namibia 

The Windhoek Synagogue was built in 1924 and is still run as an orthodox Synagogue. Services are held every Friday evening as well as for every Jewish Holy Day.


The community is currently experiencing a small resurgence of growth due to the recent establishment of numerous diamond cutting factories in Windhoek. These factories are mostly owned and managed by Jews from Israel or Belgium.


The local members are mostly involved with business. A few are assisting at various NGO’s mostly in the campaign against HIV/AIDS while some are doctors or academics.


Kosher tours, booking of accommodation and guided or self drive tours can be arranged.


Anyone interested in visiting Namibia is welcome to contact Zvi on email


The Honorary Life President:  Harold Pupkewitz

Honorary Life Vice President:  Zvi Gorelick email: mobile:  +264 81 127 0800

President:              Brian Rubenstein                      

Vice President:      Nahum Gorelick