Jonny Sonenband on behalf of the HOD present a cheque to Brian Sher, President of Savyon Lodge while Rabbi Moshe Silberhaft looks on

Despite the embattled Zimbabwe economy having recovered slightly over the past year, the overall situation remains dire. Without the support of international Jewry Savyon Lodge in Bulawayo, the country’s only Jewish Jewish aged home, would no longer be able to provide a safe (and kosher) haven for its residents, of which there are currently just over twenty. To date, fortunately, sufficient funding from abroad has been forthcoming to enable the home to meet its many pressing commitments, but ensuring that this continues remains one of the ongoing challenges of the African Jewish Congress Zimbabwe Fund. Last week, Savyon Lodge received a much welcome donation from the Hebrew Order of David in Johannesburg. The funds, channelled through the AJC Zimbabwe Fund, will be used towards purchasing basic medical requirements and adult diapers. Since the abolition of the Zimbabwe Dollar, all items are now available in all currencies.

Savyon Lodge President Brian Sher, who works very closely with AJC Zimbabwe Fund President Rabbi Moshe Silberhaft, said he was “delighted at the generous response by the HOD in identifying the needs of Savyon Lodge as a beneficiary of their sterling work”.

  • Anyone similarly interested in contributing to the upkeep of Savyon Lodge should please contact Rabbi Silberhaft on rabbiajc@gmail.com